Friday, May 27, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Houghton-Mifflin version of the story was banned in two school districts of California because in "Red's" basket a picture of a bottle of wine was found. This is a little crazy to believe.

Little Red Riding Hood is a clasic story that has been told generation after generation. Banning books goes against the first amendment in the United States Constitution. The exception to the first amendment is clear and present danger, but this book does not express that exception. "In 1989, two California school districts banned Grimm's Fairy Tales because Little Red Riding Hood carries food and wine in her basket to grandmother." Having a picture of a bottle of wine is not something a person should be concerned about. "The reasoning cited concerns about inappropriate use of alcohol." If you see a picture of "Red" drinking it you can then say, "perhaps this book is a little inapropriate for the age group." The story is about "Red" going to her grandmothers house and she is bringing the goodies in the basket to her, she isnt going to stop in the forest and crack the bottle open. The book is not at all inapropriate for little kids because in todays society kids watch shows on television where people drink alchohol. If the publishers of the book had a problem with the picture it wouldn't be put here today. The idea of banning books that have a picture of wine is redicious and rather a waste of time. You want you child to get hooked on reading because reading and writing is very important, banning books reasures the idea the books are bad and helps to turn the child away from liking a book. Books are the least of our worries for topics such as the innopropriate use of alchohol.

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